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Enable / Disable Hibernate option in Windows 10

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Missing Hibernate option in windows???

missing hibernate option

1)  Open Start menu and search for CMD. it will show command prompt on start menu search page. Right Click on command prompt and choose Run as administrator:

cmd run as administrator

2) Now Type powercfg -h on and then hit enter:

cmd window command prompt

3) Check If hibernate option enabled in start menu. If not. do not worry go to step 4:


4) Open Settings----> System -----> power and sleep -----> Additional Power Settings:

power and sleep setting page

5) Now click on  'Choose what the power button does':

power option windows hibernate

6) You can see hibernate option in above image but these check boxes are disabled. to enable these check boxes click on 'Change setting that are currently unavailable.


7) Work is done. now you have enabled Hibernate option. enjoy....

Watch Full Video Tutorial:



Thank you. it worked.

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