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PlayStation2 Games in Windows (Fastest Setting)

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The PCSX2 emulator allows individuals to play games originally developed for the Sony PlayStation 2 on their computers. When using the PCSX2 emulator, you may need to make a few changes to your system configuration to create the optimal PCSX2 configuration for your hardware.

Download PS2 emulator, Plugins & BIOS (PCSX2) from here

    Steps 1 : Increase Dedicated Video Memory

  1. Press Windows key + R for run window and type in here REGEDIT
    Play Station 2

  2. Now Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/intel/GMM
    there is a key named : DedicatedSegmentSize
    If not then create it. right click - >New - > DWARD (32bit)Value
    Enter Name: DedicatedSegmentSize
    Enter Value = 512
    Restart Your System

Play Station 2

Play Station 2

    Steps 2 : Configure PCSX2

    Open PCSX2 go to config menu select Emulation Setting and configure it as in screenshots
  1. EE/IOP
  2. Play Station 2

  3. VUs
  4. Play Station 2

  5. GSs
  6. Play Station 2

  7. GS Window
  8. Play Station 2

  9. SpeedHacks
  10. Play Station 2

  11. Game Fixes
Play Station 2

Steps 3 : Configure PCSX2

Go to config menu select Plugin/BIOS selector

Play Station 2

Steps 4 : Configure PCSX2

Go to config menu Video(GS) and then plugin setting...

Play Station 2

watch video for full tutorial

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