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Delete Blank Rows in Excel (No-VBA)

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Sometimes we export excel file that contain blank rows. If you try to delete these rows using filter and sort option they does not appears there. as you see in Image below:

blank row option in sort and filter excel

There are two ways to delete blank rows :

  1. Using VBA
  2. Without VBA

Without VBA:

Step 1: Insert a new Column in table

insert column in excel

Step 2: Enter any random value in this column

value in column

Step 3: Now you see Blank option appears in sort & filter Option. Uncheck all checkbox accept blank and you will see all blank rows in your table. Delete these rows

Blank option in excel sort and filter

Blank option in excel sort and filter

Step 4: Again go to sort and filter option and check all checkbox. Now this is your table without blank Rows

excel without blank rows

Video Tutorial (English):

Video Tutorial (Hindi):

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