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How to Install Hindi Font in Microsoft Office in Android Devices

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Installing Hindi fonts like krutidev and devlys font in Microsoft Office Word excel. See friends, there is no official method to install custom font in MS office from Microsoft, so I have come out with a way to open files of Hindi font. You can call it a TRICK. Further, its support in the future will also be available from Microsoft.

Requirements :

  • For this, your mobile should be rooted first. Root access means updating Android's system files. Every Android device has a different way of rooting, for this you can look on the website of xda-developers or you can write your model number of mobile in the comment and I will sharel the method of root.
  • The other thing you need after mobile root is font file.

    Download Font File from Here

    and extract this .zip file in computer. There will be a file name 32551979382.ttf. Copy this file in your mobile. Remember You cannot use files of Krutidev or Devlys Fonts directly here. I have made some changes by editing the font file so that it can support MS office in Android mobile.
  • The third and last requirement is the root explorer app. I have used the Total Commander - file manager App, you can take any who you want. There are many apps available at play store.

Lets Start Process :

  1. Open Microsoft Word or Excel (Where you want to install Hindi font). Open blank file. Go to font section and select Niramal UI font. It will download Nirmala UI font from cloud server to your device.

  2. Now close this App and open root file manager. I am using Total Commander App here. Go to font where location where you copied download font in your device and copy it and now go to root folder location /data/data/com.microsoft.office.xxxxx/files/data/FontCache/4/CloudFonts/Nirmala UI.
    xxxx is word or excel where you want to install font.
    You can see 32551979382.ttf file already exist here. just replace by click on Paste here.

  3. Now Open Word/Excel file that contain hindi fonts. You will see still no hindi fonts don't worry. Select all text of file Go to font section select Nirmala UI and here ....

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Hindi font


Hindi font

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